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For years the UFC has branded MMA”the fastest growing sport in the world,” and while that may not be verifiably true, what’s for certain is that betting on MMA, and more particularly, betting on the UFC, is among the fastest growing gambling markets in the world.
For over a century, boxing gambling (ironically) had a stranglehold on combat sports gambling, but in the past couple of decades the UFC has proceeded in on this market and now rivals – if not exceeds – boxing in the view of bettors.
This manual should serve as a primer to begin betting on the UFC and also to succeed in doing so.
UFC Betting Odds Explained
Betting on the UFC is easy, as a huge majority of bets that happen are”moneyline bets.” Moneyline bets are simply choosing which of the two fighters will win the fight and winning bets pay out according to the likelihood associated with each fighter.
The odds on favorites are negative amounts – i.e. -250 – significance that a UFC bettor must pay that money, $250, to acquire $100. Conversely, underdogs have positive numbers – i.e. +200 – significance that a UFC bettor only needs to bet $100 to get paid out $200 (and also the return of their initial bet).
If the struggle leads to a draw, the stakes are voided and the cash returned to the bettor, unless the wager was on a”three-way moneyline.” Three-way moneylines allow bettors to also wager on the struggle being a draw, together with those odds tending to be long as draws are infrequent from the UFC, and therefore are one of the most popular option for gambling on the UFC.
Top UFC Betting Markets
Straight bets placed on either fighter that pay out according to the odds on the fighter.
Bets placed on the duration of the fight. Over/Under bets provide a fixed number of players and rounds must decide whether the fight duration will exceed or fall short of this line.
By way of instance, an Over/Under of 2.5 means the point is just 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the battle. If the battle ends before then, the Beneath cashes. After then, the above cashes.
Method of Victory
Bets on how the fight will end – either KO/TKO, Submission, or Conclusion. These stakes can frequently be united with which fighter will win as well.
Round Fight Ends
Bets on the length of the fight, picking exactly what around the struggle will end in. These stakes may also usually be united with which fighter will triumph as well.
Points Handicap
Bets placed on how many points a fighter will win by, should the battle go to conclusion. In MMA, three judges score fights, with the majority of rounds being scored 10-9 for the winner.
Points handicaps put a lineup for the preferred – for example, 3.5 points – and – bets may be placed on whether the chosen’s scorecards at the close of the fight will total up to be that many more points than the underdogs. Any stoppage from the favorite wins the wager.
Bets on possible future conflicts or outcomes that haven’t be announced yet but are rumored to be happening.
Adding numerous bets together for a single wager with greater odds. The payout is larger but so is the risk as a reduction for any of those bets, loses the entire parlay.
How To Choose A UFC Betting Website Betting on UFC fights is hunting: you have to pick and choose that which fights and what kind of bets provide the very best value, and enjoy searching, choosing a location is equally as important as hitting your shot. A bad UFC gaming website might not have all the lines for all of the fights or cap the amount of money you may win on certain fights.
Selecting a bad site to bet about the UFC may be difficult a searching in the town, so make sure when you are choosing a UFC betting site the website provides comprehensive odds on each of the fights.
Strategies for UFC Betting
Betting on the UFC is easier than other sports because there aren’t any factors to think about, but because UFC betting is easier to enter, knowing the nuances of it is that much more important to be a winning bettor.
Here are a few things you should consider when determining where to lay down your cash.
Engineered | Wrestling is the most crucial skill because wrestling means you can control where the battle occurs. Dictating the way the battle happens is among the easiest methods to win a fight so when deciding between boxers, consider who the better wrestler is.
The young eat the old | MMA seldom sees fighters retire at the very top of the games. Instead, older fighters will continue to compete well beyond their best days and the UFC will match them up with young prospects, to build new celebrities off the lifestyles of the old.
More frequently than not, the young succeed. In most”prospect, veteran” fights, siding with the rising star is better than choosing out the falling one.
Pick your places | You don’t need to bet on every struggle, just the ones which you feel assured in. Some fights are true”coin flip” fights, and if the chances reflect that, do not bet on the winner. Instead, look to the props to maximize your value. A fighter may be a -250, a steep price, so instead look and see whether he winning by KO is a juicier line.
Look to parlays to juice lines | Some heavy favorites are still worth a bet, even at -500, however the return is so modest that betting them straight isn’t as enticing. Parlaying big favorites together bumps up the chances and makes the bets worthwhile.
The heavier the fighters, the more probable a finish | there’s a direct relationship between weight course and finishing frequency. The lighter the fighters, the more probable the bout is to go to decision. Betting the Overs on flyweight and strawweight bouts tends to become a money maker.

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