Jose Mourinho believes Premier League will not see another Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho believes Arsene Wenger has been the last of the kind and says that he does not think it is possible for a different manager to direct a Premier League club for 2 decades.
Wenger is the manager in the background of Arsenal and won 17 trophies during his 22-year tenure before stepping down in the end of this 2017-2018 season.
Mourinho, replaced Mauricio Pochettino as head coach of the north London rivals Tottenham of Arsenal and in contrast, has taken charge of nine nightclubs.
Asked whether long-term supervisors like Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson are now a thing of the past, Mourinho said:Twenty years in a bar? I really dont think its possible.
Modern life, brand new technologies, social networking – I think everything has an influence.
Even peoples mindset, quicker relations, getting tired more easily, so many things which are changing. Not just football, but changing the world and also the perception of items.
I believe Wenger was the last one
Mourinho believes the amount of examination supervisors face in the modern-day game means Premier League bosses now are always under pressure to deliver.
We have to adapt and we have to try to prove we are the guy for the task. We have to struggle for our job daily, he said.
I think that the times when folks know the job will be mine for X years [are ] – you have to struggle daily, not only with football results but what you do in the club and I believe it is normal.
It occurs in society and in so many places – I can imagine yourselfin your paper and your tv, you have not merely to sleep on what you mentioned previously, you have to show every day youre the man for the job
Asked if managers finally have a time limit for achievement, Mourinho said:I really dont think about that. I think about trying to show Im the guy for the job daily.

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