Latest Game of Thrones Death Odds – Which Character Is Killed First in Episode 3?

If you’re online looking for Game of Thrones odds, you’re either planning on gambling on what occurs next in HBO’s hit series or you’re afraid of what is just around the corner.
Mark me down for the two.
I’ve been tracking the improvements of Westeros as long as anybody, and this entire time, I have attempted to do this with an eye on the amusement gaming arena.
While no expansive revelations in the method of”Game of Thrones passing odds” or even”who’ll sit on the Iron Throne” have already been shown, we are admittedly one step closer to the end of everything.
Two episodes in, no major departure has gone , and it’s foggier than ever as to who will rule out the Seven Kingdoms when the dust settles.
The air was cleared on several matters, though. If you came here without being completely caught up on Game of Thrones during episode 2 of season eight, though, I’d click out now.
Shield your eyes, for spoilers will accompany.
There really isn’t anything too groundbreaking, though. Arya Stark discovered that Gendry might have a claim to the throne (we knew that already), and Jon Snow revealed to Daenerys that he’s a Targaryen.
We didn’t get into specifics there, but we knew this , also. Nonetheless, it usually means that Daenerys is his aunt (ew) and that he’s technically the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. This could complicate matters, assuming Jon Snow even wishes to rule (he is said before he doesn’t).
However there are larger dragons to fry. Or, well, white walkers.
The Night King and his evil band of undead soldiers have pulled on Winterfell in a dark, chilly night. An epic conflict is set to ensue, and if there is an episode where you’ll want to hit up your favorite Game of Thrones gaming websites, episode three is it.
Our favourite GoT characters assembled together the night before the forthcoming battle, preparing a goodbye of sorts for almost anyone. We just don’t know that yet.