Let’s flip the script on DTF

Let’s flip the script on DTF

Dating deserves better, and so can you

You’re an appealing, thoughtful individual. Needless to say you deserve a lot better than late-night “you up?” texts, as well as your times chatting with buddies about whether or otherwise not DTF that is you’re. One thing has got to alter, due to the fact issue with expressions like DTF is the fact that too lots of people, specially ladies, don’t appreciate the question or even the context. In a recently available poll of 60,000 OkCupid users, almost 80% of females stated there’s emphasis that is too much being DTF in dating today.

Therefore if DTF will be here to keep, we could alter its meaning so that it does the alternative of exactly what it will now. Therefore alternatively, it does make you feel empowered and confident. The F must be long lasting F*ck it is wanted by you become. Flip that locks. Fight concerning the President. Fall mind over heels. As you deserve the precise thing that is same dating deserves: better.

Therefore let’s flip the script on DTF.

Let’s take something that’s often used to impose a dynamic that is antiquated relationships, and switch it into a confident, effective thing, for females in specific. Let’s get it done because dating deserves better, you deserve better, and repositioning a as soon as negative label into a good one really works. (Yes, we’re speaking DTF and educational research all in one phrase — bear with us.) “When somebody reappropriates a phrase by self-labeling, people see that individual as stronger, plus the negativity associated with the term becomes less,” says Cynthia Wang, Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University and co-author of a report in the reappropriation of stigmatizing labels. “There’s proof to declare that the exact same can asiandates.org legit be achieved with relabeling, an individual or one thing relabels a phrase then those people who are labeled because of it then self-label as such.” Essentially, you decide on your F and also you be much more effective. If you’re DTFight Gender Stereotypes by Footing the balance, then more capacity to you — literally.

And let’s be clear.

OkCupid could be the dating application that programs who you actually are, beyond simply an image. You have got tales to inform, and interests to share with you, and what to mention which are more interesting compared to the climate. You are DTFarmer’s Market in the weekends and DTFight in regards to the President following a especially cringe-worthy tweet. There are various other people on OkCupid that are down when it comes to things that are same and also you don’t need certainly to wait till the date to learn. We ask our users numerous of question with people who share your values; and now, with our movement to change how DTF is used, we’ve added questions to help you find dates who are looking for the same F that you are so we can connect you.

“Some dating apps put the main focus from the picture, but our users have an interest in enabling underneath the area. Subverting this is of DTF lets them do exactly that,” says OkCupid CMO, Melissa Hobley. “Empowering our users to define DTF them connect over their shared preferred Fs, eliminates the negativity and makes DTF something you really like to see in an email. on their own, and assisting”

You really need to be seen for who you really are, perhaps perhaps not that which you seem like. You ought to have the charged capacity to determine whether you’re down seriously to F*ck, Flirt, Fall mind over heels, or Filter out of the Far Right. At OkCupid, we’re #DTFixDating.

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