Basketball point spread and over/under is your very best, imo. Its only the game which has constant scoring and activity. The spreads and o/u constantly changes and it’s the most variant with possibilities of up to 30 stage swings. The simple strategy here is select opposite of everything you would have chosen prior to the game if that team gets extra points. If Team A is -10 and the livebet becomes -6 and you would have picked team B +10 prior to the match start, pick Team A -6. Obviously, the trick here’s when you need to set the bet. As for me, I have a 10 stage rule. If the point changes by at least 10 points against you, wager what you would have bet. If it falls 10 points in your favor, then decide on the opposite what you would have picked.

The 10 point approach comes from an estimation that about 8/10 games fall inside 10 points for both spread and o/u. The more points you get, the better your chances. I once had a game with the O/U at 209 and the match had a 117 haltime complete. The live bet had 224 o/u at that point. Since it falls beneath the 10 point rule and my first choice was the under, I picked beneath 224. The game finished with 204 absolute points. This just works if you truly have a choice before the game so a little research is still required.

I would prevent over/under for football, hockey and football because its much more difficult to forecast WHEN a score will occur. I would adhere to moneylines for those sports.

I know nothing nor have some experience with livebetting baseball.

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