Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder says pressure is on to start scoring

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has faith in their own forward to do, and accepts his side have to improve their goalscoring record in the Premier League.
The Blades have scored only seven goals this year, without a player netting.
However, Wilder, whose staff had been beaten 1-0 at home from Liverpool last weekend, is convinced his players have the capacity to come across the back of the internet.
He explained:We have been pleased we have got the balance right, which we believed we did on Saturday, in terms of the functionality, when to go forward, and when to take that opportunity to attempt to score.
You have got to try to score against these groups! You can not just park yourself – thats not our way.
But you have got to know teams are going to push you back. Liverpool, not our supporters might like it, could have more possession!
We feel that our personal ability at the top of the pitch, if we receive the performance right and we create opportunities, weve got the ability to score.
The pressures on to score. Like I said, well have to find the things that we need.
Following the Liverpool game, Wilder told journalists that he wasnt bothered by goalkeeper Dean Hendersons feelings, after his error allowed Georginio Wijnaldum to evaluate the Reds winner.
A controversy was created by those comments, but Wilder has struck back, saying that his players will constantly have his support.
Sometimes people say things to create debate and drag out something – but I didnt think there was anything in it, he explained.
Its as we manage. The gamers – Dean contained – are very mentally tough, together with where theyve come from and the travel they have been around.
Last year, together with pressure situations at the back end of this season, they are tough men and we create a tough mindset inside the group.
I am the biggest supporter of these players with a million miles – my team. I know what theyre about, which they give for the soccer club and Im their biggest supporter.
Dean understands that, from an individual perspective. Theres no hiding spot. He moves and most of us move on to another Premier League game